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An Explanation of the Washed or Wet Coffee Processing Method

A washed bean has the pulp completely removed before it is dried. This is typically done with a mixture of water and a de-pulping machine. It is a very good process that does not add a lot of variability to the bean. Meaning, it has a higher likelihood everything will go correctly and the harvest will produce great fruit. I think because this is such a common method it gets a stigma for not being as good. This is completely untrue. Washed coffees consistently score very well all over the world.

The way a washed coffee tastes has a lot to do with this method. You tend to get more of the flavors unique to that origin in the beans. It almost always produces a brighter and cleaner cup of coffee. In a Latin American coffee, a washed bean is going to show more of the caramel or nuttiness so prevalent in that region.

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