Get to know more about the Sagebrush Coffee team

Sagebrush has been in operation for 10 years, and with that decade of steady growth has come the development of a tight-knit, dedicated team of employees. Each and every member of the Sagebrush team is here not only because of a love of coffee, but a desire to see Sagebrush flourish and the coffee industry as a whole grow.

Matt Kellso


Sarah Young

head roaster, operations manager, customer service

Jonathan Kellso

marketing, media development, barista

Kathryn Ware

inventory & in-shop process manager, barista

Peter Kersting

wholesale local relations manager

MacKenzie York

in shop menu and process development, barista

Karla Walker

head of coffee research & blog development

Noah Kellso

Backup roaster, barista

Chloe Dickinson

production assistant, barista

Isaiah Martin


Heather Florer


Eden Kellso