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Meet the Sagebrush Team

Sagebrush Coffee is a small roastery with a lot of help. What's missing from this list are countless hours of friends giving advice and support and buying those bags of coffee when we weren't really a business yet. This business is run by the people below, but it exists because of the selfless contribution of many unnamed friends and family members that just keep giving their time to help us grow.

Sarah Young

Production Manager / Head Roaster

Sarah joined the Sagebrush team in October of 2019 as our Production Lead and is now our Head Roaster as well. She was born in Torrance, California, but moved to the valley when she was just 3 years old. She lives in Gilbert and loves it. She has worked with kids before for many years and is also a certified nail technician. Coffee is a constant companion and drinking it is one of her favorite hobbies. If she isn’t drinking coffee, she loves spending time with her friends, reading books, or doing anything that involves Disney!

Zo√ę Maiden¬†

Office Manager / Media Development

Zo√ę became a part of the Sagebrush team in 2016 where she took on the role of lead packager and office manager. In 2019, after having her first child, she transitioned to working remotely and focused mainly on creating products and managing email marketing. When not working, Zo√ę enjoys spending quality time with her husband Seth and her two children, Zander and Saylor. She loves exploring local restaurants and coffee shops, reading, traveling, and interior design. Did we mention that she is also Matt's younger sister?

Jonathan Kellso

Bar Manager / Media Development / Menu Development 

Jonathan, Matt‚Äôs oldest son, has been a part of Sagebrush since the beginning. He has always been very creatively driven, dedicating the majority of his time to musical production, graphic design, photography, digital art, painting,¬†etc. He is¬†working towards a presence in the local Phoenix music scene under the moniker ‚ÄúCandy Soup.‚Ä̬†At Sagebrush, he is the head of media development and is responsible for both Sagebrush and Hackberry‚Äôs branding, packaging, videography, photography, and web development. Additionally, he manages the espresso bar at our Sagebrush Coffee location in Chandler. On a Friday night, you can catch Jonathan with friends producing funny videos and¬†creating music.

Kourtney Camm

Media Development 

Kourtney is our in-house writer. She has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Media Communication and has worked in the coffee industry for over three years. She is currently writing remotely as she ventures to Virginia Beach to additionally pursue a career in publishing. Kourtney loves reading, writing, painting, and spending time with her horses. She is also a travel fanatic and has been to 22 different countries, one time she even lived on a ship for four months!

Noah Kellso


Noah, Matt's youngest son, is a barista and roasting assistant here at Sagebrush. He is in charge of all Saturday production and shipments. Noah is currently taking college courses to get the prerequisites needed for Arizona State University's architectural program with the hopes of eventually pursuing a master's degree in interior design. In his free time, Noah is constantly finding new hobbies and enjoys listening to music.

Isaiah Martin

Barista / Assistant Manager

Isaiah recently graduated high school and is now taking college courses and training to get his EMT certificate. He hopes to eventually become a firefighter or nurse. At Sagebrush, Isaiah works as a barista and enjoys cupping new coffees. In his free time, he likes to draw and play the piano. 

Grant McMartin


Grant began working for Sagebrush almost two months ago and has been a great addition to the barista team at our coffee and tea shop. He is currently a junior at Grand Canyon University and is studying business management with a minor in Biblical studies. Grant has had a passion for coffee since he was young, but never got the opportunity to pursue it as a career. In his free time, he loves to explore coffee shops, discover new music, and serve in his church. Grant is originally from Minnesota but is looking forward to making a home out of the Valley.

Eden Kellso



Eden is Matt's youngest child and only daughter. She is a student at Hamilton High School and enjoys cooking and doing her nails in her free time. Her main role at Sagebrush is as a barista but she also spends time in the back of the shop developing our food menu. She is currently working towards her driving permit and is excited to be able to drive on her own soon! 

Shelby Peiser

Barista / Assistant Manager

Shelby joined the Sagebrush team after moving to Arizona from Chicago, Illinois, where she was born and raised. She loves food, music, animals, and traveling. A fun fact about her is that she spent six months traveling, three of which were spent caring for wild howler monkeys in Belize. In the future, she hopes to open her own cafe and visit as many countries as possible.

Nikki Nguyen



Nikki joined the Sagebrush team as a barista in early 2023. She is a student working toward her goal of becoming a general dentist. Nikki loves coffee, playing games, and learning about biology. In her free time, you can catch her visiting San Diego, where she's originally from, or resting at home with her dog, Scotch Tape! 

Chris Ramirez



Chris joined our Sagebrush family in March. He has a passion for food and drink and before joining us, he worked as a barista at Starbucks for a few years. In addition to being part of our team, Chris is a student pursuing his dream of teaching in a foreign country. When not at work or school, he likes learning about history, trying new coffee places with friends, or playing video games. He also enjoys all things Marvel and has a passion for traveling!