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Loyalty Rewards Program

Thank you so much for being a loyal customer of Sagebrush Coffee!

As of 3/31/24, we are no longer giving out loyalty points.

We’re sorry to say that after over millions of points given out, we have had to put a stop to our program. Increasing shipping and cost of goods have made this program untenable. Instead of another price increase for everyone, we've decided to end this program. We apologize to those of you that have taken advantage of it. We will however leave your points available for coupons until further notice.

The discount codes that you receive from your Loyalty Points act as coupons, not a gift certificate. That means when you apply a discount code and your order total falls below the $40 shipping threshold, you will be charged for shipping. As with most online businesses, only one coupon or discount can be applied at one time. If you want to use a coupon and receive free shipping, our advice is to either increase the bag sizes or amount of coffees to make the order total at least $40. You can also use a smaller coupon amount depending on the size of your order. If you need assistance or further clarification, you can email us at

Also, all coupons are expired after 1 year of non-use.  Try to only cash in your points when you're ready to use the coupon.

Note, the redemption of loyalty points excludes all brewing equipment and already discounted coffee subscriptions.