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Sagebrush Coffee Jobs

We are not currently hiring but are always taking applications from experienced baristas.

What we need

  • Baristas with minimum 2 years of specialty coffee experience.
  • A coffee person.  Our mission is to put on display the hard work of coffee producers and we'd want someone that loves coffee as much as we do.
  • Speaking of you not just love the drink, but also the coffee industry, people, and are you excited to be a part of that intersection in our community?  Apply!
  • Dependable and consistent Sunday availability is a must.
  • A proactive and diligent work ethic that’s dedicated to not only growing themselves but coming alongside others and encouraging them to grow too.
  • An ability to learn quickly and memorize recipes and information in an efficient manner.

Who we are

Sagebrush Coffee has been in operation since 2012, and whether it’s been in selling coffee beans, brewing equipment, unroasted beans, and now coffee drinks, our goal has remained the same. We are dedicated to putting on display each and every step of the coffee process. A coffee bean goes through a plethora of different processes in its cultivation, harvesting, processing, milling, international shipment, and roasting; making a cup of coffee is just one little step in this massive journey. Many of these different processes involve families and organizations bringing multi-generational experience to the table, and we as a coffee shop simply want to let the work of everyone that comes before us in the coffee supply chain shine.

We here at Sagebrush are extremely dedicated to coffee and are constantly educating ourselves in the world of coffee, but the last thing we’d want to do as a company is exclude others for simply not knowing as much as we do. We seek to be as open and educational about our knowledge of the craft of coffee as we can be and seek to not let this dedication bleed into pretentiousness.

What you can do to apply

If this criteria describes you or someone you know well, then submit a form and resumé on the application below.