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Varieties page

Coffee varieties mean more to your cup of coffee than you'd think.  Just like varieties of apples or wine are a big deal, so are coffees. We've written several articles highlighting key varieties.

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coffee varieties explained article

It is going to get old if we keep referencing our trip to Guatemala in every single blog post, so one day I will stop but today is not the day. It has given me a new perspective on the different topics we’ve discussed over the years and how to hold them. None more significantly than coffee varietals, or varieties. I knew a lot of textbook information about coffee varieties but walking the trees and listening to farmers talk about how they are toying with multi-year tests on the locations and density of varieties within their farm was game-changing. I hope my words help you see something new about varieties. 

a variety breakdown of Pacamara

So now we know that since the Pacamara variety is an Arabica coffee, meaning it came from Coffea Arabica, but where did it go from there? From the Coffea Arabica, the Typica and the Bourbon varieties occurred. From the Typica, the Red Maragogipe would occur, and from the Bourbon variety, the Paca variety was born. The Paca and Maragogipe varieties would be crossed, resulting in the Pacamara. How's that for a word salad?

a sturdier Bourbon with amazing potential

Today we’ll be focusing on the Bourbon variety. To really appreciate where the Pink Bourbon comes from, understanding its “parent variety” is important. I love reading about how we have cultivated coffee from a historical perspective, so here’s a little history that I found to be very interesting.

why is Gesha the most exclusive coffee variety?

Some varieties, even if they are Arabica, can be low quality or more susceptible to disease. Some, on the other hand, are so special that they shine amongst their genetic cousins. Gesha is one of these coffee super stars. It's one of the most exclusive and unique coffee varieties out there.