Sumatra is Back & We're All Glad

Last year, we experienced a significant decline in Sumatran offerings due to the excessive rain they experienced during their primary harvesting season. As you can imagine, it was quite the juggling act at the shop as some of our best-selling dark roast coffees came from Sumatra. Thankfully, we have been able to re-stock our supply, and our newest addition is one that I know Sumatra Coffee lovers will drink up.

To be completely honest, Sumatran coffees are not usually my favorite. I prefer a light-roasted fruity Ethiopian. Although not my usual cup of tea (or I should I say coffee), this new Sumatra Mandheling bean is some of the best I've sampled from there in several years. If I could choose any Sumatran region, Mandheling would be my pick every time. Mandheling coffees have an incredibly smooth mouthfeel, complex taste, and sweet, chocolatey tones. The combination of volcanic soil and tropical climates help develop these exquisite flavors. There is a reason why Mandheling Coffee is one of the most famous specialty coffees in the world.