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Article: Meet Our Newest Employee, MacKenzie!

Meet Our Newest Employee, MacKenzie!

     We are so excited to introduce our newest hire, MacKenzie! MacKenzie joined the Sagebrush team in May of 2021 and will serve as one of our main baristas once the coffee bar opens. Before working at Sagebrush, MacKenzie worked as the manager of a local coffee and flower shop. If you’ve read some of our previous news blogs, you know Sagebrush is getting ready to embark on the next stage of purveying coffee. As we add a coffee bar to our current offerings, MacKenzie’s experience will help us carry on in our commitment to provide the best available coffee and will serve our local Phoenix area customers. Outside of work, she is pursuing her degree in secondary education with an emphasis in English at Arizona State University. On weekends you can find her reading, thrifting, and spending time with friends.


Here is a short Q&A so you can learn more about MacKenzie’s love for coffee:

What is your go-to coffee order? I usually order an oat milk honey latte with a Cubano double shot. 

As a barista, what is your favorite coffee drink to make? Cappuccinos! I love the process of making and applying foam milk.

What talent do you have besides making delicious coffee beverages? It sounds weird, but I love writing essays. This could explain why I am an English major.

What is the best part about working at Sagebrush? My co-workers have been so nice and welcoming. The overall work environment at Sagebrush is fun and easygoing. I've learned so much about coffee in such a short time!


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