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Article: Coffee Tasting Episode 2 | Brazil Cachoeira da Grama Peaberry

Coffee Tasting Episode 2 | Brazil Cachoeira da Grama Peaberry

Welcome to the second episode of our coffee tasting series. Our first episode was very well received and we are excited to keep it going. If you missed the first episode, you can watch it here. In this series, we select a coffee, brew it, and share what we think about it. We do the tasting in a group setting because the coffee experience is not a one-size-fits-all. We all have different palates and preferences. This medium allows us to share how each of us appreciates coffee differently. Today's demonstration is not your typical cupping. We want to brew coffee the way you do at home and discover how different it can be for everyone. We’ll go through the tasting curve, which includes earthy, chocolate, roasted, nutty, spice, sweet, floral, berry, tart, citrus.


Coffee Selection

We selected our Brazil Cachoeira da Grama Peaberry because Brazilian beans have been a favorite here at Sagebrush and with our customers since the beginning. They are loved for their rich, bold flavor, ability to taste great brewed in a myriad of ways, and affordability. At Sagebrush, we make sure to choose Brazilian coffees from farms that grow, pick, and process the highest quality beans.

Coffee Roast

We roasted this coffee to City Plus, more commonly known as a medium roast. This means you roast through the entirety of the first crack to somewhere between the first and second crack. The flavors are more balanced and depending on the coffee, this is where it starts to transition from fruity to more chocolatey, nutted notes.

Brewing Method and Equipment

We chose to use a French Press because we felt this method would promote the bolder taste of this coffee. We ground 60 grams (coarse grind) of coffee and brewed it with water heated to 207 degrees. To heat the water, we used a Fellow EKG Kettle and a Baratza grinder to grind the coffee.

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