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Article: The Story Behind Granny's Hutch

The Story Behind Granny's Hutch

As many of you already know, we are a proud family owned and operated business. Matt began Sagebrush with his wife and has taken in employees in close proximity to the family (such as yours truly). You can see specks of “family business” everywhere you look here at Sagebrush, but nothing stands out more prominently as a piece of family history than our beloved hutch cabinet. This hutch cabinet may seem like just a simple piece of decorative furniture, but it is so much more than that. If you don’t recognize this hutch, then maybe some product images would jog your memory.

Photo of Sagebrush Coffee Balanced and Smooth Coffee Bundle

We use this cabinet as the backdrop for nearly all of our tea product images, all of our coffee bundle images, and all of our brewing product images. It’s hard to find a corner of Sagebrush where this hutch isn’t helping us out; it’s practically a part of our branding! And since it’s such an interesting piece of family history, we thought we’d try to get ahold of a little more information about it. We reached out to Matt’s mom, Dara, who in the early stages of Sagebrush gave us some cool little tidbits of info regarding her grandmother’s cabinet.

This hutch is officially titled a “Hoosier cabinet,” and dates back to 1919, when Granny Pearl and Grandpa John purchased it after getting married. This makes it more than 100 years old and dates it back past 5 generations. The cabinet was referred to in the family as the “pie cupboard” because Granny Pearl would always set her freshly baked pies on it to cool. Dara remembers visiting her for weeks at a time and having apple pie, peach pie, and plenty of different cobblers. That pie cupboard was always there, and with it came many memories of hanging out with grandma.

This is a photo of Dara, her sister, and her brother on the porch of their grandparents’ house in Indiana, the same house that held the pie cupboard. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any photos of the cupboard specifically, but that doesn’t take away from how rich of a history it has. The pie cupboard was passed down to Dara’s late mom, who resided in a small town in Michigan. A few years back, Barry (Dara’s brother) moved down here to Phoenix Arizona, taking the pie cupboard with him, and soon enough, the cupboard made its way to Sagebrush’s shop.

This is one of the many benefits of being a family business: something as simple as the backdrop for our photography dates back 5 generations. With over 100 years of experience and countless moves, this cupboard has been through a lot, and its practically an honor to carry the family legacy through this business.

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