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Article: How to Brew With the Pour-Over

Coffee Brewing

How to Brew With the Pour-Over

Our next brew guide features one of the easiest manual brew methods out there. The pour-over is an incredible choice for any manual brewing beginner and is a staple in any coffee veteran's brewing rotation. It is known to produce a more flavorful cup than nearly any drip brewer out there. Today, we're diving right into how to brew with the pour-over. Keep in mind that there are many variations of the pour-over brewer, each with their own little quirks; we'll be focusing primarily on the Hario V60, but the instructions remain as a solid foundation for any pour-over brewer.


Step number one: you'll need some coffee. Here are some coffees we offer that are perfectly complemented by the pour-over brew method.


What you'll need to begin

First, set your water to heat to 205ºF.

Grind your coffee fine (just a notch or two finer than medium) and weigh out 21g.

Place pour-over filter into the pour-over brewer, and place the two onto a cup or pot that you will be using to capture the coffee (like pictured above).

Pour your 21g of ground coffee into the filter.

 Begin your timer and pour your heated water over the coffee grounds. Wait 40 seconds before pouring again to allow the coffee to bloom.

After 40 seconds, pour the remainder of your water evenly across your coffee grounds and let the coffee drain.

And there you have it. You've completed your first brew of pour-over! Once your cup is full, you'll need to remove the pour-over brewer, but there will still probably be drips coming from the filter, so make sure you're ready to dispose of it quickly.


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