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Article: The Importance of Water Temperature & Why We Love the Moccamaster

The Importance of Water Temperature & Why We Love the Moccamaster

     Brewing a perfect cup of coffee is simple but maybe not so easy. While, yes, it’s hot water running through ground coffee into a pot or cup. Each component is vital to make sure your coffee tastes great. You need the right filter, coffee, grind, and water temperature to ensure you get the most from your coffee. If one of these fails, your coffee will not be all it can be. 

     Let’s consider water temperature. The water should be between 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit, which is below boiling point for a great brew. Cupping quality standards suggest brewing at 200F. If the water is too cold, coffee will be flat and under-extracted. If the water is too hot, it can lead to over-extraction, causing the quality and flavor to be impacted significantly. The hotter the water, the quicker it extracts oils, acids, and caffeine.

Get the Right Temperature with Manual Brews

     Making sure you’re brewing at the right temperature has everything to do with the equipment you use. You can always use a thermometer, but when you’re brewing a cup of coffee in the morning, who has time to whip out the thermometer? If you like to brew using a V60 pour-over or a Chemex, we recommend using a gooseneck kettle like the Fellow Stagg EKG Kettle. You can select the temperature and the kettle can hold the temperature you set. It’s also equipped with a timer. Using this kettle makes brewing at the right temperature easy.

A Drip System Head & Shoulders Above the Rest

    If you want a great cup of coffee, push a button, and walk away, the Moccamaster is for you. It’s one of, if not the best, drip system available. It can brew 10 cups in six minutes. But its most exciting feature is that it brews and keeps the coffee at temperatures between 197 and 204. It’s known for its consistency in brewing coffee and is highly durable. If you follow the prescribed cleaning instructions, which are simple, the Moccamaster will last for years.

     The features that make this drip system stand out are impressive. First is the water outlet with nine holes that ensure the water is evenly distributed into the filter and through the coffee grounds. The carafe has a destratification tube that distributes the coffee evenly, making every cup from the first to last is of is consistently great. The hotplate is made to maintain the coffee at just the right temperature. When you brew with the Moccamaster, make sure to use 60 grams for one liter of water with a course grind for best results.

Moccamaster is Rich in History

     The Moccamaster was invented in 1969 by Gerard Clement Smit, who founded the Technivorm factory, which made the first Moccamaster. His goal was to brew a perfect cup of coffee. Parts are handmade, and all parts are made in Europe. Each Moccamaster is put together by hand and tested for durability. The company is still located in the heart of the Netherlands. The Specialty Coffee Association qualified it to be used in the world cup Tasters Championship. It’s a tested and tried excellent brewing system.

     Precision is the best skill when making a great cup of coffee. Getting the right equipment will make it a simple and easy process, so you don’t have to think about all the steps every time you make a good cup of coffee. 


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