Keeping Your Coffee Fresh

     .    People often ask me how long coffee stays fresh. I wish there were an easy answer to this question, but there isn't. Freshness is somewhat subjective when it comes to coffee and the length of time the coffee stays fresh is dependent on the conditions in which it is stored. Coffee begins to get a stale flavor quite quickly. I personally never like to drink coffee that is over a week old. I also have that luxury, because... well, I am surrounded by fresh roasted coffee every day.
     However, a lot of the ‘freshness’ comes down to taste. I like to say that 2-3 weeks for storage is about the limit. Oxygen and light, while essential for living things, are the enemies of coffee. When you buy coffee from Sagebrush, you will notice that our bags have a one-way degassing valve. The valve allows CO2 to escape while not allowing oxygen to enter when the zip-lock seal is closed. Our bags also have a special UV layer coating to keep the light out. Both of these help keep the coffee you order last as long as possible before outside elements affect the flavor. We have a customer that has a bunch of black out tight vac containers that keep out the light and have their own one-way degassing valve. When he gets a bag, he pours a day’s worth of coffee into each container, so he only opens that container once. He believes he’s recreating the first time you open the bag experience. He’s probably right, but who knows. What I do know is the more obsessed you get with having that perfect cup of coffee, the more you realize there are people way more obsessed than you.

     There is one more enemy of coffee. I have noticed that some people like to store their coffee in the refrigerator and freezer. But does that keep it fresh? Taking the coffee bag out daily from the refrigerator or freezer can cause moisture because of the temperature changes. That’s right; moisture is the third and sometimes unspoken enemy of coffee. The key to fresh coffee is having enough to only store for 2-3 weeks, using an airtight container to store in your pantry, and stable temperature conditions. According to the National Coffee Association, the only time they recommend freezing coffee is if you buy it in bulk but don’t plan on opening it right away. But once you open it, you should store it in a cool, dry place, making sure to avoid temperature fluctuations.

     Our goal is to ensure my customers have the freshest coffee possible. We are committed to providing the best coffee drinking experience, which is why we only roast once you’ve ordered. Freshness is of utmost priority. When you order from Sagebrush, you can be confident you’re getting the freshest coffee available.