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Finca Cerro Azul • Anaerobic Bourbon

watermelon • pomegranate • orange juice
dynamic / funky

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flavor notes explained

watermelon - Watermelon was an obvious choice for us on this one as this coffee had a lot of sweet juicy notes.  We also had to find a fruit to showcase the extreme sweetness in the cup.  This also helps explain the light mouthfeel this coffee has.  It is not a bold and rich coffee, but a sweet and juicy one.

pomegranate - We were looking for a fruit note that describes the tart acidity that we thought was very prominent in the cup and pomegranate was the perfect option.  

orange juice - if you haven’t noticed by now, this is a heavily fruited coffee with a lot of juice and citric acidity.  We were with OJ instead of oranges to point out that the bitterness is not overpowering, but still there.

transparency details

about the coffee

the farm


Finca Cerro Azul

head producer

Feliciano Adame








b-corp exporter

the bean

processing method

anaerobic dry process


typica • bourbon

what we taste

watermelon • pomegranate • orange juice



about Finca Cerro Azul

Feliciano Adame is the producer of this exceptional lot. His farm, Finca Cerro Azul is situated on the southeast coast of Mexico in the Guerrero region near the city of Atoyec De Álvarez. This area, although lower in elevation, is very tropical and diverse benefitting the coffee. The combination of humidity, rains, shade, and nutrient-rich soil results in sugar-dense cherries that are then processed meticulously by Feliciano and his team. This coffee was dry-fermented anaerobically for 36 hours and then dried with the cherry skin and pulp intact for the following 15 days. It is important to note this coffee was intentionally processed utilizing anaerobic fermentation. In general, placing freshly-harvested cherries inside a sealed container or bag of some sort for a period of time will create a flavor impact. We find those anaerobically-fermented coffees often exhibit an increase in the intensity of fruit and acidity and a slight increase in the body. Nonetheless, the anaerobic fermentation process has a distinct impact on the outcome of the flavor profile.