Roasting & Shipping Schedule

Roasting Schedule:

We roast and ship all of our coffees daily.  Unlike many roasters, they pick a day for each varietal.  We roast in small enough batches to guarantee that every bag of coffee that you order is roasted after you order it, usually the day after you order it.  It then ships out on the next pickup.  We have scheduled USPS, UPS, & FedEx to come each early afternoon.

We believe that with this schedule your coffee will be the freshest possible every time.

Also, if you order before 6am AZ on most days, we'll be able to include it in that day's production, but depending on volume it may go out the next day.  We hope as we grow, we'll still be able to meet these commitments.

Coffee Order Shipping Policy:

We've felt the impact of COVID and general logistics issues with our carriers' shipping times more than anywhere else.  What used to be 2-3 days for USPS is now more like 4-7 days.  So we have recently added UPS ground as a shipping option.  This will be helpful for customers in the following states, since UPS ground is 2-3 day service in those areas.  For people outside of those states, it gives you the ability to pick the carrier that you've had the best luck with:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • Utah

Because of this, we'll have two shipping policies.  One for closer customers and another for ones that are further away.  I know this seems confusing, but when you check out it should be pretty automated.

Closer Customers (states listed above):

  • On coffee orders of 1 bag of 6oz, 8oz, 12oz, or 16oz we charge $6¬†for¬†UPS¬†Ground shipping (1-3 days), $8 for USPS Priority and $10 for¬†FedEx 2-3 day shipping.
  • On all coffee orders of 2 bags we offer FREE¬†UPS Ground shipping (1-3 days) and $2 for a¬†USPS Priority¬†shipping upgrade & $4 for FedEx 2-3 day shipping upgrade.

Further Customers, the other 45 States:

  • On coffee orders of 1 bag of 6oz, 8oz, 12oz, or 16oz we charge $6 for USPS shipping (4-7 days) and $10 for¬†FedEx 2-3 day shipping or UPS Ground (5-7 days).
  • On all coffee orders of 2 bags of more (any size) we offer FREE USPS shipping (4-7 days) and $2 for a FedEx 2-3 day or UPS Ground (5-7 days) shipping upgrade.
  • On all coffee orders of 2 pounds or more we upgrade to FedEx 2-3 day shipping for FREE¬†and $1 for a¬†USPS Priority¬†or $4 for UPS Ground (5-7 days) shipping upgrade.

    Brewing Equipment Shipping Policy:

    • Unless otherwise noted all items are shipped the¬†lowest priced between USPS (4-7 days) or Fedex Home Delivery (4 days).
    • Shipping will cost¬†$10.00¬†for orders under $50
    • FedEx 2 Day is available for $20 more on most items.
    • Our shipping cut-off is about 10am. ¬†Typically, if an order comes in before that time, we ship same day. ¬†Otherwise, we ship next day.

    *No delivery times are guaranteed, USPS is running consistent significant delays, FedEx are about 1 day late 10-15% of the time.


    • Note that FedEx & UPS do not ship to PO boxes, so if you pick¬†either and have a PO box we will ship that order USPS Priority.
    • To maintain these discounts we will primarily be shipping in USPS Flat Rate Padded Envelopes or FedEx Padded Paks.¬† We know the 'unboxing' of these are not optimal, but our goal is to get you your coffee in the best cost model possible and this is our solution.