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Takengon Smallholder Farms • 25 Day Anaerobic Natural

wine • lime • bakers chocolate • floral
dynamic / funky

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flavor notes explained

wine - Given this coffee is fermented with wine yeast, it’s no difficulty detecting aromatic alcoholic notes in this dynamic cup. A pinot-noir-like juiciness with a smooth and palatable bitter aroma 

lime  - Major citric acidity comes through in this cup as well. An almost curd-like sweetness paired with this tart intensity opens the door for lime to be a great descriptor of this cup.

bakers chocolate - Sumatran coffees are known for their bold, chocolatey, earthy profiles. Even with the intense fermentation this coffee underwent, there still remains a glimpse of that classic terroir that Sumatra is known for.

floral - There is a lot going on in this coffee. This fourth note encapsulates the aromatics of the cup.

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about the coffee

the farm


Smallholder Farms

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Smallholder Producers








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the bean

processing method

25 day anaerobic natural


typica • abysinia • catimor • p-88

what we taste

wine • lime • bakers chocolate • floral


complex • juicy

about Smallholder Farms

This coffee was grown in the Sintep and Kenawat sub-districts of the Aceh province of Sumatra. The districts border a small inland lake in Central Aceh, receiving humid conditions typical for the Indonesian country. Coffee here is grown at elevations ranging 1500–1600 meters above sea level in rich black humus soil.

This coffee underwent Anaerobic Natural processing referred to as “Wine Process” for the strong wine-like aromas and flavors produced by the processing method. Freshly harvested cherries are washed to remove any debris left over from the harvest before being sealed into airtight containers. The cherries are fermented in this anaerobic environment for 25 days before being rinsed with water and moved to the drying area. The fermented cherries are dried to a humidity of 12–13% before being milled, sorted, and packaged for export.