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Finca San Francisco • Anaerobic Honey Yellow Catuai

caramel • date • milk chocolate

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flavor notes explained

caramel - The clarity and smoothness of this cup is unmatched in comparison to the other coffees we have available currently. Significant developed sweetness with a lot of smoothness come together in a way that can only be described as caramel-like.

dates - Much like caramel, dates encapsulate a very subtle touch of fruited acidity behind a very smooth and sweet profile.

milk chocolate - We also picked up a smooth cocoa-like note that milk chocolate, being smooth and sweet, describes well.

transparency details

about the coffee

the farm


Finca San Francisco

head producer

Roger Antonio Domínguez Márquez


La Paz






b-corp exporter

the bean

processing method

anaerobic honey process


yellow catuai

what we taste

caramel • date • milk chocolate


bold • creamy

about Finca San Francisco

Roger Antonio Domínguez Márquez owns several farms in La Paz, Marcala. Roger is a young producer who inherited his father’s midsize farms, which came into the family in the early 1990s. He has three parcels of land in Marcala, all between 3–5 hectares, at good altitude for the region, above 1,300 meters. He grows a small variety of heirloom types, mostly Bourbon, Catuai, and Caturra, and he’s specific about his wet-milling and drying.

La Paz, an area famous for coffee production in Honduras, is high in elevation with cool temperatures. These factors cause coffees to ripen slowly, developing sugars that are then processed in these comfortable climates. These coffees have high fruity sweetness with flavors of berries or peach. Cafe Import's greatest relationship in this area is a 270-producer cooperative, many of which are woman producers or Organic certified. Coffees from La Paz are extremely stable, and reliable as any offering type.