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Koke Washing Station • Honey Heirloom Varieties

blueberry • mango • honey • herbs
light / bright

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flavor notes explained

blueberry - This coffee tastes just like blueberries. We pick up an extremely fruity sweetness that is frankly delicious.

grape - Much like blueberry, grape conveys that fruity sweetness in another way. A touch of developed sugar adds to that bright and juicy fruitiness. 

green tea - Green tea gives a nuanced floral essence with an herbal twist. Those are the descriptors we tried to pull out with that note. 

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about the coffee

the farm


Koke Washing Station

head producer

Smallholder Farms








we buy yearly with this washing station

the bean

processing method



kurume • dega • wolisho

what we taste

blueberry • mango • honey • herbs


complex • earthy

about Koke Washing Station

This Koke Honey lot was sourced from approximately 1,200 small-scale farmers from Birbes Kela, Koke, Konga, Wedessa, and Tisho. These farmers bring their cherry harvests to the Koke and Birbes Kele washing stations for processing. The Koke washing station, constructed in 2011, has undergone numerous enhancements since 2015, when the washing station personnel began offering guidance to contributing producers on methods to boost coffee quality. The coffee cultivated in the various districts and kebeles of the Gedeo Zone is frequently referred to as Heirloom varieties, many of which have been propagated and distributed to farmers over the past four decades.