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Coffee Snob • Combo 2 Pack

Sale price$78.57 Regular price$87.31
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Coffee Snob • Combo 2 Pack
Coffee Snob • Combo 2 Pack Sale price$78.57 Regular price$87.31


coffees in the coffee snob bundle

Today we're offering the coffee snob bundle featuring two incredible Colombian coffees. The first is our Bella Luz Gold Label. This particular coffee won #3 in the country-wide "Best Cup" competition, beating out thousands of entries and securing their place as among the finest Colombian coffees of 2023!

What to pair it with? Our Finca Monteblanco Co-Fermented Natural Black Label! This is about the most aromatic and vibrant coffee we have in our shop right now. Coconut and lemonade were fermented with the coffee cherries giving them a savory, sweet, smooth, and funky (but very interesting) profile. This dynamic duo gives the "Coffee Snob" a perfect experience of two premium, one-of-a-kind coffees.

Bella Luz • Best Cup Auction • Washed Caturra from Colombia

mandarin - This coffee is extremely smooth and especially sweet. This is the major characteristic of this coffee’s flavor profile, so we felt the need to implicitly communicate that in every note that we had. Although there is a touch of citric acidity in the cup, there was nothing in the profile that stood out as particularly sour, so we went with the least acidic citrus fruit there is. 

chocolate ganache - This coffee isn’t incredibly chocolate forward, nothing like the profile you’d get from a Guatemalan coffee, but its cocoa notes are so smooth and sit perfectly on the palate that we thought we’d feature that as a note. 

grape juice - Sweet sweet smooth. Again, this note stands as a way to convey a particularly subtle fruited acidity that’s primarily driven by the smoothness of the cup.

Bella Luz • Best Cup Auction • Washed Caturra from Colombia

Finca Monteblanco • Co-Fermented Natural from Colombia

coconut water - This coffee is wild! A co-ferment coffee implements specific ingredients into the fermentation tank. Because coconut was one of two of these ingredients, those particles obviously have made their way into these beans. A blend of savory sweet and smooth come together in a funky but interesting profile.

heavy cream - Often times we use heavy cream to simply describe the mouthfeel of a coffee, and although this coffee is indeed very smooth, heavy cream actually stands out as a buttery, silky, milky flavor note. 

white tea - This coffee is quite aromatic. The burst of tea-like smells have that smooth, light, and sweet notes that a traditional white tea has.

Finca Monteblanco • Co-Fermented Natural from Colombia