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Coffee Snob | Combo 2 Pack

Sale price$83.44 Regular price$92.71
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Coffee Snob | Combo 2 Pack
Coffee Snob | Combo 2 Pack Sale price$83.44 Regular price$92.71


coffees in the coffee snob bundle

Today we're offering the coffee snob bundle featuring a Black Label and Diamond Reserve coffee. The first is our Finca Cerro Azul Bourbon Anaerobic from Mexico. a heavily fruited dry process bean. This dry process delivers an extremely sweet and light cup and displays an array of complex fruited notes.  What to pair it with? Our award-winning Edwin Fidel Ortiz Best Cup Auction Diamond Reserve from Colombia! It complements the Mexican bean beautifully with its smooth chocolate taste and fruited, sweet notes of orange and grape. As a "Best Cup Auction" winning coffee, this is one of the highest quality Colombian beans you can find. This dynamic duo gives the "Coffee Snob" a perfect experience of two premium, one-of-a-kind coffees.

Finca Cerro Azul | Anaerobic Bourbon from Mexico

watermelon - Watermelon was an obvious choice for us on this one as this coffee had a lot of sweet juicy notes.  We also had to find a fruit to showcase the extreme sweetness in the cup.  This also helps explain the light mouthfeel this coffee has.  It is not a bold and rich coffee, but a sweet and juicy one.

pomegranate - We were looking for a fruit note that describes the tart acidity that we thought was very prominent in the cup and pomegranate was the perfect option.  

orange juice - if you haven’t noticed by now, this is a heavily fruited coffee with a lot of juice and citric acidity.  We were with OJ instead of oranges to point out that the bitterness is not overpowering, but still there.

Finca Cerro Azul | Anaerobic Bourbon from Mexico

Bella Luz | Washed Caturra Best Cup Auction from Colombia

mandarin - This coffee is extremely smooth and especially sweet. This is the major characteristic of this coffee’s flavor profile, so we felt the need to implicitly communicate that in every note that we had. Although there is a touch of citric acidity in the cup, there was nothing in the profile that stood out as particularly sour, so we went with the least acidic citrus fruit there is. 

chocolate ganache - This coffee isn’t incredibly chocolate forward, nothing like the profile you’d get from a Guatemalan coffee, but its cocoa notes are so smooth and sit perfectly on the palate that we thought we’d feature that as a note. 

grape juice - Sweet sweet smooth. Again, this note stands as a way to convey a particularly subtle fruited acidity that’s primarily driven by the smoothness of the cup. 

Bella Luz | Washed Caturra Best Cup Auction from Colombia