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Balanced & Smooth • Combo 2 Pack

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coffees in the balanced & smooth bundle

If you're looking for a place to start at Sagebrush, this is the bundle for you. We've taken two of our best brown label coffees and combined them in the perfect balanced and smooth combination.

La Guatusa • Honey Catuai from Costa Rica

milk chocolate - This coffee has a very unique complexity with a lot of smoothness. Milk chocolate is a smooth, sweet, slightly bitter note that we felt encapsulates this idea well.

jam - Jam has sweet, thick, and slightly tart properties. We chose this note because this coffee has a touch of just about everything.

tonic - In the same way tonic has a bitter-forward nuance, we pick that up in this coffee’s cup as well. Overall, this coffee is a dynamic source of a lot of notes that can be played with  depending on the brew method.

La Guatusa • Honey Catuai from Costa Rica

Lima Coffees • Washed from Peru

strawberry - Strawberry brings in that fruited sweetness alongside a light, herbal essence. This coffee has a fairly juice body that is uncharacteristic of a coffee at this price point.

blossom honey - The smooth developed sweetness comes through with a touch of herbal floral notes that blossom honey really encapsulates as a note.

black tea - Bitterness often has a negative connotation, but black tea incorporates that “good” bitterness. Much like cocoa powder, this coffee ties a smooth dark nuance into the profile with tea-like bitterness. 

Lima Coffees • Washed from Peru