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Two Favorites • Combo 2 Pack

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coffees in the two favorites bundle

When you think of "Two Favorites," you have to wonder, who's favorites? Well, in this bundle, we're featuring Matt's, (Sagebrush Owner's) current favorites. Let's be honest, his two favorites are often two of our black labels. When we asked him to update the two favorites bundle, he decided to pick the two coffees that he thought were most accessible without losing exceptional taste and quality. Meaning, that these coffees should be universally liked by all of our coffee customers. We're honestly hoping they're your two favorites as well.

Panama Alto Lino Estate • Altieri Specialty Coffee • Washed Caturra

dark chocolate - We chose dark chocolate because there was a definite, smooth bitterness that sat comfortably throughout the whole cup.

green apple - There was a touch of malic acidity in the cup that lended itself to a green apple. This bit of acidity is not meant to indicate that the profile is necessarily sour, but rather point to the type of acidity that comes through a bit as the cup cools.

pear - Pear is like an apple, but rounds out that smoothness. The texture of pear is more of what we’re thinking of as we take note; the smooth and sweet nature of pear ties in this note very directly.

Panama Alto Lino Estate • Altieri Specialty Coffee • Washed Caturra

Ethiopia Koke Washing Station • Honey Heirloom Varieties

blueberry - This coffee tastes just like blueberries. We pick up an extremely fruity sweetness that is frankly delicious.

grape - Much like blueberry, grape conveys that fruity sweetness in another way. A touch of developed sugar adds to that bright and juicy fruitiness. 

green tea - Green tea gives a nuanced floral essence with an herbal twist. Those are the descriptors we tried to pull out with that note.

Ethiopia Koke Washing Station • Honey Heirloom Varieties