We Just Released Three New Coffees from a Best-Selling Origin!

The year is quickly inching to the end, and we have been busy prepping and releasing new products on the website. Today, we are launching three brand new Guatemalan coffees, and we could not be more thrilled. Of course, we are always excited about a new launch, but there is something about Guatemalan beans that add the perfect variety of flavor and nuance to our offerings. The other reason is that we know how much they excite our customers. We learned very early on that at least 2-3 Guatemalan selections were needed at all times. The new coffees we are releasing today each have a different roast profile and bag label to satisfy every palate and budget. 

Two of the new coffees come from the beloved La Esperanza farm. You might recognize the name if you have purchased our Guatemala La Esperanza Gold Label. We received beans from this year’s La Esperanza crop to replace the last Gold Label, and we think this newest crop is far better than the previous. The coffee is now called Guatemala Los Cedros Esperanza Gold Label. Like the La Esperanza Gold Label we previously offered, this coffee is both creamy and smooth, but with a bolder finish. The flavors of caramel, vanilla, and chocolate combine beautifully, and as it cools, the sweet, malty flavors of milk chocolate hit the palate. We hope you enjoy this coffee as much as or more than you did the last.

Our Guatemala Las Plantas Black Label is our second coffee from La Esperanza. From the first sip at our cupping, we knew instantly that this coffee had to be a Black Label. The beans are pleasantly creamy with a distinct caramel undertone. A hint of floral green tea and strawberry sweetness lingers on the tongue after your last sip. This coffee is interesting and complex while still being down to earth and widely appealing. Most of our Guatemalan coffees are labeled as a medium or dark roast, but we decided to give this one a lighter roast to capture the floral and berry notes.

The Finca Los Angeles farm is where we discovered our third new coffee. Our Guatemala El Regalito is a dark roast, and the flavor is incredibly smooth and rich. It has a delicious dark chocolate-almond flavor with a subtle fruit finish. The notes of dark chocolate and almond pairs perfectly with its creamy body and juicy Honeycrisp apple vibrancy. It produces an almost syrupy cup of coffee perfect for espresso or a French press. This coffee has the taste of a Gold or Black Label but with a Brown Label price!

If you decide to try one or all three coffees, please let us know what you think! Customer feedback is the most helpful when choosing new offerings.