Time to Make Room for More Coffee!

To make room in our inventory for more coffee we are promoting a sale on two coffees that are featured in our Balanced & Smooth Bundle. These two coffees are Brazil Fazenda Sertao and Burundi Kayanza Masha. Brazil is a dark roast and is a chocolate-forward coffee. I love this coffee hot, but it truly shines iced or as a cold brew. Brazilian coffees consistently hit the top ranks of our coffee origins. Burundi is known as the underdog of our shop and I believe this is due to its unfamiliarity in the coffee world. This African coffee is fruity and perhaps our most complex coffee in the shop. The wine notes of our Burundi compliments the chocolatey richness of Brazil perfectly. Chocolate and wine. Could there be a more perfect pairing?

To make this bundle even better, we are reducing the price for our inventory reduction. I do not think I have seen a bundle priced this low, ever. In addition to the bundle price being reduced, the individual coffees are discounted as well! I am not sure how long this sale will last, so I would take full advantage.