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Article: They're More Than Just Photographs

Sagebrush News

They're More Than Just Photographs

All of the photographs on this website were taken in our own studio. We try to show you visually the nuanced flavors of the coffees we sell within each photograph.  All coffees are shown on a tray with an example of what we believe are the strongest flavors in the coffee. When you order the coffee, you should play the game, "do I taste what they taste."  It’s a great game and plays well in a group.

Even if you look at some of the non-product photographs, you will see our handiwork.  We recently went to Maui for a vacation and to scout a couple of coffee farms.  While there, we captured some images of the Maui coffee farms.  The beans were still green, but the farm was a sight to behold.

When shopping for coffee, we recommend that you look at the images and think about what nuanced flavors you want in your upcoming batch.

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