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Article: From Crop To Shop To Cup | A Surprise Visitor At Sagebrush Coffee

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From Crop To Shop To Cup | A Surprise Visitor At Sagebrush Coffee

Last Monday started off like most Mondays.  With Sunday's off & busy weekend sales, they're typically a crazy day in the shop.  This week I went in about 2 hours early and brewed a nice cup of our El Salvador La Gloria Red Honey Process Coffee before I got started.  In fact, I may have had two or three, because I enjoyed them so much.  I then hunkered down and started roasting.  Zoe came in and packaged her way through what seemed like a billion orders and as always, she was able to get everything out just in time for the shipping cutoff.  That evening, the family and I decided to treat ourselves to dinner at a new seafood place that opened up by our house.  While we were there, I noticed on Instagram, Roaster Jeff from the coffee importer we use was in the area visiting from California.  I messaged him to see if he wanted to stop by the shop and we could finally meet face to face.  Within an hour he pulled up and so did... Anny Ruth from the Loma La Gloria farm!  It turns out that they are road tripping from California to Texas and back, hitting about seven states on the way, checking out countless coffee shops and businesses.  We had a good chat, talked a little business and traded coffee mugs.  It was a very cool way to see a glimpse of the complex coffee supply chain in action.  

Monday was a super fun opportunity to meet the producer of the coffee that I drank that morning, and I'll tell you what, this coffee couldn't come from a nicer person.


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