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Article: How Much Does A Bag Of Coffee Really Cost?

Sagebrush Coffee

How Much Does A Bag Of Coffee Really Cost?

I understand that Sagebrush Coffee is not cheap.  I realize that I pay more for unroasted beans than most people pay at a grocery store for their coffee.  I know that this is a premium product and isn't priced for everyone.

However, before I started roasting my own beans, I was a regular at my local coffee shop.  I was the guy that the barista saw in the doorway and started making my morning Americano.  I bought Americanos every day because they were only $3 instead of the nearly $6 it cost to purchase a latte.  I was saving money.  And I'll tell you what, "cheap" Americanos were in the minority.

So how expensive is Sagebrush Coffee?  I started to answer this question by breaking down the price vs. a Keurig because they seem to be the most popular in home brewing method these days.  According to their website, they charge about $0.68 / pod, that translates to $20.56 per pound or almost the same price as Sagebrush Coffee's premium fresh roasted product.

Then, I went through my five favorite brewing methods, and I decided to break out the cost per cup for the average bag of Sagebrush Coffee.  All of which are considerably less expensive than that Americano I used to buy.

So how much does Sagebrush Coffee cost?  Less than a buck a cup.


Sagebrush Coffee Informational Graphic about how much a cup of coffee actually cost


If you have any questions about any of these brewing methods, please email me.

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