What is a "Gold Label" Coffee?

    This is probably one of the most popular questions I get asked. When we package our coffee, we use a natural kraft bag and include either a brown or gold envelope card with the coffee origin stamped on it. Many people wonder what the difference is between the two envelopes and I hope that this brief post will help clarify.

     Before I add coffees to the website, I have a cupping session to figure out the proper roast profiles and flavor notes. This is also the time when I distinguish between regular or gold label coffees. There are a few factors that go into making a coffee gold label:

1. They are premium beans and are standouts during the cupping session.
2. The beans come from smaller lots, so their access is more limited.
3. We have noticed that certain combinations of origin and processing method are the most popular among our customers.
4. The initial cost of the beans are more expensive so in turn, they become more pricey on the website. We hope you trust us when we say the price is completely worth it!

     Categorizing our coffees is one of the best strategies we have incorporated into the business. Our gold label coffees are the best selling by far. Calling some of our coffees "gold label" has given us a designation for higher cost coffees we may not otherwise sell.

Do you have a favorite Gold Label coffee, past or present?