Our Roast Profiles Part 3: The Full City Roast

The next roast level that we want to talk about is the Full City roast.  This roast level is likely synonymous with a medium roast to many people.  The color of the coffee beans starts to become more even, but there is still none of the oil that you see from darker roasts.  The flavors are more balanced and depending on the coffee, this is where it starts to transition from nuttier to more fruited notes.  The aroma from this roast is usually bright & chocolatey with maybe a hint of caramel sweetness. 

Full City is an excellent roast level for a lot of coffees.  Some African and Indonesian beans really shine at this level.  There is a temptation to move to a darker roast from here and get more of the chocolate out of the beans, but I love the blend of light fruited notes with lighter chocolate notes.  That's the main reason I stay here with several coffees that other roasters may roast a little darker.

We don't currently have very many coffees labeled as Full City (we're updating our descriptions to include these roast levels as this series concludes). However, the link below is a good starting point.


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