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Article: Out of Stock

Out of Stock

Oh, No!  It seems like you have been searching for a Sagebrush Coffee product that is no longer in stock.  We are sorry.

No one gets more frustrated about out of stock products than we do!  We wish we could continue to offer the same great products to our customers year in and year out.  Unfortunately, we can not, and there are a few reasons why...

It is easy to forget that coffee is a crop, but it is.  Each year, farmers from around the world work hard to produce the best crop of coffee that they can.  The coffee is packaged and sold to coffee roasters, like Sagebrush Coffee.  We always work to find the best coffee offerings we can and roast it to perfection.

However, we can only purchase a couple hundred pounds any type of coffee.  We want our green beans to stay as fresh as possible, and buying too much coffee wouldn't make sense financially or from a quality standpoint.

Each farm puts out coffee year after year, of course.  Sometimes, Sagebrush Coffee will bring back a best-selling coffee after it has been out of stock for a while.  We love seeing our customers get excited about an old favorite coming back to the website.  So, why don't we do that every time?  Good question!  One thing to consider when it comes to re-buying a crop of coffee is how much things can change from year to year.  Rain, heat, soil conditions, even farming and production can change drastically from year to year.  Like wine, each year of production is distinct.  We never assume that a coffee crop will be exactly the same as it once was, and if it's not as good, we simply can't offer it to our customers.  

Thank you for understanding.  Please take a look at our collections pages, such as our African coffees, our Indonesian coffees, and our Latin American coffees, to see if you can find a suitable replacement for your Out of Stock favorite.  As always, we would love to hear from you in email if you need any further suggestions.  We hope you can find another new favorite, soon. 

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