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Article: How to Brew With the Chemex

Coffee Brewing

How to Brew With the Chemex

The Chemex is an incredibly unique and beautiful brewer and has been amongst the manual brewer "great's" for upwards of 80 years. Its sleek design and consistently complex profile outputs make it easily one of our go-to brewers here at Sagebrush.

You'll need the following items for this brew method:

  • Chemex Brewer
  • Chemex Square Filters
  • Kettle
  • Thermometer
  • 40g coarse-ground coffee
  • Water
  • Kitchen scale
  • Timer

With this step by step guide, we hope to show you our tried and true method for achieving a delicious cup out of this brewer. 

 Set your water to heat at or close to 205 degrees fahrenheit.

Measure out 40 grams of coarse ground coffee. The Chemex filters are very thick, so a coarse grind is crucial for achieving a proper brew.

Opening a Chemex filter is a bit of a trick. The filter begins as a sheet folded into fourths, and you must open just one flap and the filter kinda just takes shape from there. In our tutorial video, we demonstrate exactly how to do it if you are still stumped.

Place the filter into the chemex brewer with the thick side facing the pour spout. Pour your coffee grounds evenly into the filter.

Once your water is heated to 205 degrees, begin your timer and pour the water until there is an even coverage of the coffee grounds. Stop pouring and let the coffee bloom for 40 seconds.

After 40 seconds has passed, pour the remainder of the water until the coffee reaches the fill capacity of the Chemex brewer.

Serve and enjoy! 

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