An Intro to our Coffee Courses

If you’ve perused around our online store, or if you’re currently on this article, then you’ve probably noticed how many educational articles we offer here at Sagebrush. Dozens and dozens of posts about a plethora of coffee industry-oriented topics fill our “education” portion of the website. This content is there for a reason. Throughout the past ten years, we here at Sagebrush have always seen education as a critical piece of our business. Not only are we seeking to provide the “what’ of high-end coffee beans, but the “why” as well. Giving insight into this massive industry helps anyone involved in it, whether you’re a roastery, a café, or a casual coffee drinker, see just how widespread this coffee world really is.

Over the past few months, we’ve started developing a program that takes this education-centric mentality one step further. In this new year, we’re hoping to roll out what we’re calling Coffee Courses. These are a bit more focused organization of our articles to give the coffee nerd more guidance through their educational journey. Each new “course” we’ll be launching this year will have its own YouTube series dedicated to its content.

We’re super excited to take this educational focus to the next level this coming year, and we hope it helps you gain a more developed understanding of the coffee industry!