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El Vergel Estate • Natural Sugarcane Decaf

cacao • fig jam • pretzel
light / bright

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flavor notes explained

Cacao - This coffee is among the best decaf coffees we’ve ever offered. It boasts a uniquely complex profile with a nice smooth mouthfeel. Cacao, which has a smooth yet dynamic chocolatey taste helps bring that point across.

Fig Jam -
Fig jam has a thick, developed sugar taste with touches of fruitiness. Because this coffee is sweet first and complex second, we thought this note helpfully conveyed that idea. 

Pretzel - As strange as it sounds, we picked up savory nuances to this complex cup. Without it being a jarring photo of something particularly savory (such as tomato or beef!), we thought pretzel would be a helpful way to showcase the delicious combo of savory and sweet that this coffee has to offer. 

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about the coffee

the farm


El Vergel Estate

head producer

Elias & Shady Bayter








Farm relationship through origin visit

the bean

processing method

EA decaf (sugarcane) • dry process


red & yellow caturra

what we taste

cacao • fig jam • pretzel



about El Vergel Estate

It all began in 1995, when the parents of the Bayter Family decided to embark on an agricultural adventure at the El Vergel farm. With passion and dedication, they began to grow avocados, making their farm one of the most productive in the country. However, in 2006 avocado prices dropped sharply due to a disease that severely affected the crop. It was then, between 2009 and 2010, when Martha, the Bayter's mother, decided to diversify her crops and save costs by introducing coffee varieties such as catimore, red and yellow caturra, challenging the limits of her knowledge.

As interest in coffee grew, the Bayters embarked on a journey of empirical knowledge about pulping and different types of fermentation. Together with Nelson Moya, a coffee enthusiast who showed them different processing equipment, they immersed themselves in the search for specialty coffees from Colombia and certified their farm as "Rainforest" by the prestigious "Federación Nacional de Cafeteros" between 2014 and 2015. Their dedication and love for coffee began to bear fruit.This is how, in 2016, they met Miguel Jimenez, an expert in varietal and specialty coffees, who guided the Bayters in planting varieties such as Geisha, Java, Pacamara, Red Bourbon and Laurina, giving the first productions of these coffees in 2017, marking a milestone in their trajectory.

As time progressed, the farm was modernized, and in 2018, natural coffee processes were implemented, such as aerobic and anaerobic, and silos were acquired for coffee storage. Little by little they became pioneers of innovation and quality. Currently the Bayter family carries out exhaustive research on bacteria and yeasts to control fermentation together with tireless experimentation of processes, reaching unprecedented levels of excellence in their coffees. Today El Vergel has expanded to have more than 28 varietals spread throughout its lands and is characterized for being the first coffee farm in Colombia to develop the kOJI fermentation process, a process that has completely changed the way of developing green coffee.