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El Cuje • One of a Kind Auction #16 • Natural Catui Amarillo

cacao • grape jam • almond butter
medium / smooth

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flavor notes explained

Cacao - This coffee is dynamic, but still retains that cocoa-like bitterness that Guatemalan coffees often put on display. Cacao has a vibrant bitterness that we felt described this coffee well.

Grape Jam - We picked up lots of developed sugar in the cup alongside a smooth and sweet fruitiness. Grape jam has that minimal acidity fruited sweetness that describes this coffee well.

Almond Butter - This note speaks more so to the mouthfeel of the cup, as this coffee sits on the tongue with a very smooth and buttery nuance.

transparency details

about the coffee

the farm


El Cuje

head producer

Adolfo Juárez


Santa Rosa






One of a Kind Auction

the bean

processing method

natural (dry process)


catui amarillo

what we taste

cacao • grape jam • almond butter


complex • creamy

about El Cuje

This coffee is of the catuai amarillo variety and comes from a plot called La Piedrona. The farm is owned by Adolfo Juárez, a third-generation coffee farmer. The El Cuje farm has a history of more than 30 years of coffee production, starting with Adolfo's grandfather, Daniel Juarez. The farm was then inherited by Juan Alberto Juarez, Adolfo's father. In 1985, Adolfo received a portion of the farm, which sparked his passion for growing coffee.

Adolfo and his son Gustavo have worked together on the El Cuje farm for many years. Since 2018, they have implemented new cultivation techniques and innovative processes that have resulted in the production of high-quality coffee. Adolfo's passion for coffee has become a true vocation, and the El Cuje farm has become renowned not only for the quality of its coffee but also for the family legacy that has been passed down through the generations.

The El Cuje coffee plantation owes its success to its accumulated tradition and experience. It is known for its sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural practices, which ensure the high quality of the coffee it produces. The coffee beans are carefully selected and grown under optimal conditions to guarantee exceptional flavors and aromas. Moreover, the farm has provided job opportunities and development to the peasants of the surrounding communities, thus contributing to the improvement of their quality of life and the overall development of the region.