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El Amate Y Anexos • Cup of Excellence • Washed Bourbon

milk chocolate • rose • apple pie
medium / smooth

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One of the finest Guatemalan coffees in the United States.

The Cup of Excellence competition evaluates and determines the best coffees of certain countries and growing regions. This particular coffee won #12 in the country-wide competition, beating out thousands of entries and securing their place as among the finest Guatemalan coffees of 2023. Yes, we are the only American roaster with this coffee.

flavor notes explained

milk chocolate- This coffee is a predominantly sweet cup with cocoa “Guate terroir” touches. Milk chocolate encapsulates a cocoa note without much of that bitterness you might expect from cocoa.

rose- A nice, aromatic note sits on this cup. Rose is a sweet flower with a very subtle scent. This coffee isn’t overly perfume-like, but the floral touches are still worth noting.

apple pie- Although by no means is this an incredibly fruity coffee, we picked up a hint of malic acidity in the cup with a lot of sweetness. Notes of developed sugar, spice, and just a touch of apple are why we went with apple pie as the note.

transparency details

about the coffee

the farm


El Amate Y Anexos

head producer

Petronilo de Jesús Martínez








Cup of Excellence Winner

the bean

processing method

wet process



what we taste

milk chocolate • rose • apple pie


creamy • bold

about El Amate Y Anexos

Mr. Petronilo de Jesús Martínez is originally from the departmental capital of Huehuetenango. In the year 1960, his father Gumercindo Martínez (who was part of the first 4 coffee producers in Hoja Blanca, Cuilco, Huehuetenango); he inherited an area of 2 hectares to establish his first coffee lot.

From 1969 to 1973, Mr. Petronilo was president of the first Cooperative of Small Producers in the region. At that time, his harvest was 5 quintals of parchment coffee. By the year 1974 his harvest increased to 22 quintals, the result of his work and implementation of techniques that managed to improve his production. Knowing how to use the profits and wanting to continue growing, he acquired other lots of coffee, with which he also found himself in need of building his own wet mill and drying area.

In the last 5 years, given the need to offer new processes to clients, El Amate farm began to process natural coffees, managing to position itself among the winners of the first edition of the One of a Kind Guatemala auction. This year, it is also a participant in the international round of the 2023 Cup of Excellence auction.