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Bella Vista • Cup of Excellence #16 • Natural Gesha

orange zest • oak • stone fruit

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flavor notes explained

orange zest - Guatemalan coffees are famous for a reason: they incorporate a perfectly smooth bitterness that we all know and love about coffee. The orange zest we pick up is that classic bitterness folded in with a juicy citric acidity.

oak - Oak is a unique note for us (I don’t know if we’ve ever used it as a note), but it captures the idea of “smoky” that we see in the SCA tasters’ wheel. Woodsy aromas sit comfortably in the profile of this highly dynamic cup.

stone fruit - The Gesha sweetness is especially prevalent in this cup. This coffee is not extremely fruity, which is why stone fruit is a helpful descriptor. There is not much acidity at all, but that sweetness is still very much there!

transparency details

about the coffee

the farm


Bella Vista

head producer

Arcenio Castillo








Cup of Excellence Winner

the bean

processing method

natural • dry process



what we taste

orange zest • oak • stone fruit


complex • earthy

about Bella Vista

Arcenio Castillo began helping his father Felino Castillo grow and process coffee when he was just 10 years old. At the age of 18, his father gave him a small plot of coffee, which he nurtured and cultivated for several years. His ultimate goal was to expand his small plot, which is why he decided to emigrate to the USA. After years of hard work and dedication, his efforts paid off and his dream finally came true.

That dream has a name, and it's Bella Vista Farm. They have a variety of coffee processing methods, including washed, natural, drying beds, and anaerobic. The farm is run by a hardworking family consisting of the husband, his wife Rosa Lopez, and their three children. Their relentless efforts have led to outstanding results.