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Article: Get Sagebrush Coffee For Yourself This Christmas Season

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Get Sagebrush Coffee For Yourself This Christmas Season

I'm almost done Christmas Shopping.  Ahh, that felt good to say.  Normally, about this time of the year I'm feeling overwhelmed by coffee orders and Christmas hasn't even shown up on my radar.  This year is starting out as our busiest December yet, but for some reason, I'm ahead of the game for Christmas.  Are you?  If so, I think you should reward yourself with some Sagebrush Coffee.  If not, there is plenty of time... don't stress.

As I was preparing to write this email, I realized that I had spent so much time lately talking about and developing Christmas gift packs, that I haven't even mentioned the new coffees and products that we've been busy launching.  I think I've done you a disservice by not highlighting some of these coffees.  In fact, we have more offerings than ever on our site right now... so many that I don't even know what to drink most mornings.

Rather than drag these product launches out through a series of emails, I'm going to go through and list them off below.

Swiss Water Decaf Coffees

We have 4 Swiss Water Decaf coffees right now.  That is the most we've ever offered, and I'm excited about each one.  I don't drink a lot of decafs, but every time that I do, I am blown away by what the good folks at Swiss Water can do with them.


Image of Guatelaman Chichen Coffee

I have some sad news.  Guatemalan Antigua Santos is no more.  This year's crop didn't make the cut.  That is where the bad news ends.  We replaced it with a new Guatemalan Chichen (not to be confused with Chicken) coffee.  In the photo is caramel and graham crackers and that is no joke.  I brought some home this evening, and Jenna opened the tin and immediately said, "that smells just like caramel and graham crackers."

Image of Ethiopian Organic Hambela Coffee

This is another good news / bad news situation. The Ethiopian Kochere is still listed on the site as a new coffee, but I'm running low quickly and cannot replace it.  When I saw this coming, I immediately started trying to find a replacement.  This Organic Hambela hit the mark.

Image of Baratza Sette 270 Grinder

The Sette 270 grinder is a fantastic coffee grinder.  For $379 it better be. Since this grinder launched in October, I have never carried stock.  Oh, I've shipped a bunch.  I've just sold out before I received any of them.  As of late last night, the last shipment for the year is on its way and should be here by the weekend.  If you want a shot at this grinder before Christmas, I suggest you grab one soon.

Image of Cafflano Travel All-in-one Coffee brewing kit

When I travel, whether for vacation or business, I always struggle with the best way to take Sagebrush Coffee with me.  I've tried anything from a full suitcase of brewing equipment to nothing (horrible mistake).  I saw the Cafflano travel coffee maker at a coffee show recently and thought I'd try it out. Our family went on a weekend trip to the cool weather of northern Arizona and brought one along.  I loved it.  Being able to hand-grind, brew and drink your coffee with one small tool, was perfect for us.  Whether you're an occasional traveler or a star alliance 1k member, this is the travel kit for you.

I can't completely ignore Christmas, so if you're shopping, this is the top selling gift that we're offering this year.

Image of Gold Label Coffee Sampler Pack

We offer Gold Label coffees that are the best of the best of what we're able to get our hands on.  We then work hard to roast it in a way to bring the best out of the coffee.  This sampler pack is a great way to try all three of these premium offerings.  This bundle consists of 3 4oz bags to give you a chance to sample each of our current Gold Label coffees.

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