Family Owned & Operated

Matt started Sagebrush Coffee in the back of his garage in 2012 and has been steadily growing the company into what it is today. Whether it was in the design of the logo (his son), helping out fulfilling orders (all his kids), pre-stamping and assembling coffee bags (his mom), being on call for customer service (his wife), managing coffee roasting (his sister, son, other son), the Kellso family was, is, and will continue to be engrained into the DNA of Sagebrush. We don’t just say family owned and operated, we live it.

Farm Focused

Every single step of our processes here at Sagebrush revolves around one primary goal: putting on display the hard work of the farms. A coffee bean goes through a plethora of different processes in its cultivation, harvesting, processing, milling, and international shipment; coffee roasting is just one little step in this massive journey. Many of these steps involve families and organizations bringing multi-generational experience to the table. We as roasters simply want to let the work of everyone that comes before us in the coffee supply chain shine.

Locally Roasted 6 Days a Week

With a small-batch roasting system and a consistent online ordering stream, our roasters are always up and ready to go. There’s no “weekly roast date” that you need to plan around or be surprised by. Apart from Sundays, your coffee will always be roasted the day after you order. This not only guaruntees freshness unlike any other roaster, but establishes a dependability and trust between you and us. We will always be ready for your order, all we need is your go-ahead.