About this Course

Welcome to our Espresso at Home Coffee Course. One of our baristas, Kathryn is an avid espresso brewer and has a plethora of tools in her at-home setup, making her the perfect person here at Sagebrush to have developed this curriculum. In this course, she will be walking through both her experience and her research regarding all things home espresso. From the basics of dose to the intricacies of extraction theory to the foundations of latte art, Kathryn will be touching base on it all. At the end of this course, we hope that you will walk away with a rounded, concrete knowledge of how to improve your espresso game with the tools you have at home!

Lesson 1 - Why Espresso?

In this first lesson, Kathryn breaks down for us the reasoning behind using espresso at home. She weighs the pros and cons and gives a bit of background knowledge of her own stepping into the hobby of espresso.

Lesson 2 Espresso Shots 101

In this lesson, Kathryn breaks down all of the factors of an espresso shot. She begins with the foundational pieces of dose and yield and expounds upon a basic list of factors that are affecting your espresso shots output.

Lesson 3 - Extraction Theory Basics

In this lesson, Kathryn breaks open a critical topic that you need to understand in order to improve your espresso game at home: extraction. There is a lot of math that goes into the theory of extraction, so pay close attention! Kathryn jumps right into the details of what is actually going on when a coffee is being extracted and follows up that portion with applications of how you at home can actually control extraction.

Lesson 4 - A Breakdown of Evenness

In this lesson, Kathryn walks through an incredibly important piece of pulling an espresso shot: evenness. No matter the technique you use to get there, achieving an even distribution in your portafilter (if you aren't already doing so) will be the greatest step in improving the consistency of the flavor of your espresso at home.

Lesson 5 - The Effects of Extraction on Flavor

In this lesson, Kathryn explains the wide array of effects that extraction can have on an espresso shot's flavor profile. From a bit of extraction science to walking through a split shot to dialing in a coffee by taste, all you need to know about the effects of extraction on flavor will be broken down for you.

Lesson 6 - A Proper Breakdown of Espresso Beans

In this lesson, Kathryn walks through the actual way to think of espresso, how roast, variety, and country of origin play into its flavor profile, and how to know which flavor profile would suit your own palate and situation!

Lesson 7 - Dialing in a Light Roast

Light roasts are a bit of a trick, especially when handling the nuance of espresso shots. In this lesson, Kathryn explains the ways to enjoy a light roast espresso in the same manner that you would a medium to dark roast.

Lesson 8 - Milk Steaming 101

Although not directly espresso, milk is almost an inseparable piece of the culture of espresso, and understanding how to utilize it well opens up a world of drinks you can create with espresso. In this lesson, Kathryn walks through the basics of milk steaming and how you can develop your skill in properly preparing your final latte, cappuccino, cortado, or whatever it may be!

Lesson 9 - Latte Art Basics

Latte art has become a foundational aspect of espresso over the past couple of decades. In this workshop, Kathryn walks through some beginner latte art techniques and practice shapes, to get you started pulling your own art at home!

Lesson 10 - A Breakdown of Alt-Milks

In the final episode of this coffee course, Kathryn walks through the ins and outs of the head honchos in the alternative milk department. Her overview helps sharpen the understanding of anyone trying to decipher what alt-milk is best for them amid all the noise.