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I don’t think there’s anything in the coffee world quite as perfect as the Chemex Coffee Brewer. Its simplistic aesthetic and intuitive design makes brewing coffee that much more enjoyable. It just makes you feel… important. It’s the new iPhone, the caviar, the Italian leather handbag of coffee brewers. We here at Sagebrush prefer the Chemex over any means of making that morning cup.

To brew with a Chemex, you use a more coarse grind and they use thicker coffee filters. I believe this generates the brightest most flavorful cup of coffee available. When we sample new coffees, I always like to brew a pot in this exact brewer, because I think it will give me the best example of how you the customer will be enjoying our coffee and frankly, Chemexes are my favorite.

All of our Chemex brewers include a "Sagebrush Orange" rawhide leather tie.

Make sure to check out what we’ve got in stock and treat yourself to one of the best brewers out there!

Chemex Coffee Brewers

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