Costa Rica San Antonio

Costa Rica San Antonio

milk chocolate • almond butter • blackberry
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Grind Levels Explained

Proper coffee extraction is critical for achieving that perfect cup at home. Grind size is one of the few ways to be able to directly affect that extraction rate.

In addition to whole coffee beans, we currently offer 3 different coffee grind levels:

Coarse (Think sugar in the raw, maybe more coarse)
Recommended for

  • Chemex Brewer
  • French Press
  • Cold Brew

Medium (Slightly coarser than table salt)
Recommended for

  • Any flat bottom brewer
  • Kalitta wave
  • Cloth filters

Fine (Slightly finer than table salt)
Recommended for

  • V60 pour overs
  • Typical cone filter coffee pots
  • Aeropress

If you're interested in ground for Espresso, choose fine and mention something in the order comments.

If at all possible, we recommend grinding at home. We prefer Baratza coffee grinders and offer several of their models for sale. Click here to shop for one of their brewers.

In the Cup:

Smooth, sweet, and balanced. This lot from Costa Rica is a very pleasant cup. Every note we pulled pointed to the smoothness that we saw in the cup in all facets. Blackberry sweetness and milk chocolate paired with a mouthfeel that reminded us of nut butter all come together for a delicious coffee.

Community Coffees

The goal with Community Coffees is to highlight a hyperlocal terroir and/or a segment of a cooperative or growers’ group that is interested in differentiation. These coffees are purchased at a small premium to cover the extra cost of production and to provide a premium that will be used for a social initiative of the group’s desire. These lots are semi-traceable to the community itself.

Tarrazú is Costa Rica’s most productive and arguably famous coffee region. Producers at high elevations have become known for coffees with bright and crisp acidities with flavors of apricot and orange.