A photo of the columbia pacamara surrounded by the flavor notes

Colombia El Vergel Pacamara Natural Black Label

marshmallow • blueberry • passionfruit
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In the Cup:

This is one of the smoothest cups of coffee we’ve had here in the shop. This Colombian pacamara boasts a hugely prominent sweetness on the nose with a unique palate of zero acidity and light body, yet it fills the senses with a dynamic sweetness throughout the whole cup. A subtle fruitiness comes through with notes of blueberry and guava, while a consistent and dominant vanilla-like sweetness shines with notes of marshmallow. This coffee is incredible and is a delicious pacamara

El Vergel

Elias & Shady Bayter's farm is located in the beautiful Departamente of Tolima spanning across the mountains in Colombia. Colombia boasts 11 different altitudes, each containing a unique flavor palate, that is unrivaled anywhere else in the world.

The farm rests on El Vergel, or Black Mountain, an inactive volcano that has created some of the most nutrient-rich soil for planting.

Each and every green coffee bean is single-origin, hand-picked, and carefully inspected by one of the tenured pickers. They go through great lengths to only produce the finest yields from our crops for coffee roasters around the world.

44 hours of anaerobic fermentation in stainless steel tanks, intermittent dried at the sun for a total of 30 days and finished mechanically, stored for 2 months in grain pro for optimum maturation.This Pacmamara is the biggest of the coffee beans produced at EL VERGEL, this micro-lot was planted based on the soil and the characteristics from Central America pacamara plantations, to develop a more consistent filling of the bean. Planted in 2016 with a quantity of 5.500 plants, this micro lot is processed mainly based on the density of the bean, which makes it faster due to the low density. ​It is processed with anaerobic fermentation to kickstart the production of yeast and then put through an anaerobic submerged fermentation to lower the temperature and promote more complex flavours.