About this Course

Welcome to our Coffee Culture Around the World coffee course. Kourtney, one of our baristas, has spent time in 22 countries and has explored the culture of each of those countries. In light of that exploration, she has pressed into extensive research of the histories of many countries, and why coffee is so central to each of them.

Intro - Meet Kourtney

Get to know Kourtney as she prepares to walk through this course with you!

Lesson 1 - History of the Coffee House

The coffee house is the centerpoint of enjoyment of coffee for almost anyone in the world. Understanding its origin and why its such a critial peace of coffee culture is the starting point to appreciating coffee in general! Kourtney breaks down the helpful tidbits you need to know to start this path of appreciation!

Lesson 2 - Coffee in the Ottoman Empire

The Ottoman Empire has a deep, rich history. In this lesson, Kourtney will be walking through how the development of the coffee house played a key role in the overall culture of this region, and what ways we can enjoy the history of Turkish coffee today!

Lesson 3 - History of Italian Coffee

In this lesson, Kourtney gives a brief but thorough breakdown of how coffee made its way into the forefront of Italian culture. As some of you may already be aware, espresso is engrained into the culinary world of Italy, Kourtney walks us through how that happened!

Lesson 4 - How Coffee Spread to Europe

In this lesson, Kourtney expounds upon the history of coffee in Italy and works her way through other European regions and the effects coffee had on each of their histories.

Lesson 5 - Coffee Culture in Africa

In this lesson, Kourtney gives us a wide overview of a few different African coffee-growing regions. We explore their histories as well as the ways coffee has affected each of these world-class coffee-growing areas.

Lesson 6 - Coffee Culture in Asia

The culture of coffee in Asia has among the most longstanding histories in the world. Kourtney travels through this wide region and gives us an overview of the ins and outs of this historical coffee-growing landscape!

Lesson 7 - Coffee Culture in Oceania

Oceania hosts a wealth of cultures and peoples, and with some regions sitting in the coffee belt, we see that same variety in its coffee culture! Kourtney breaks down a few different areas in Oceania and how coffee plays a role in its economic and cultural landscape.