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The Top Four Reasons to Shop Sagebrush For Your Fresh Roasted Coffee.

Shop Sagebrush Coffee Roasters for our direct trade coffees.

You'll be impressed by our meticulous coffee bean sourcing strategy.  We're able to bring the best coffees from Latin America, Africa, & Indonesia.  Our favorite coffee producing countries include Ethiopia, Guatemala, Kenya, Costa Rica & Sumatra.  But it doesn't stop there.

Shop Sagebrush Coffee Roasters for our scientific & artistic approach to coffee roasting.

Our Fluid Bed Coffee Roasters with proprietary roasting profiles are the starting point for our amazing coffee roasts.  We take our already-present roasting profiles and apply them to each bean when it arrives in our coffee shop and compare each process to determine the best roast profile for each bean we offer.  This helps ensure a great flavor profile for the coffee beans as well as consistency from batch to batch.

Shop Sagebrush Coffee Roasters for our roast after you order policy.

We have setup our shop with several tiny coffee roasters. These roasters have enabled something that we haven't seen done anywhere else in the industry. We do not roast a single bean until you order it.  We don't have bags of coffee sitting in our shop waiting for orders.  Each morning, we print off the orders from the previous day and schedule our batches out to fulfill only these orders.  That way, when we ship it that afternoon, it is the freshest coffee available.

Shop Sagebrush Coffee Roasters for our scheduled orders & fast Free Shipping policy.

Prior to Sagebrush Coffee, Matt Kellso (Founder & Owner) spent over 20 years in the logistics industry.  We understand the importance of service in an online business, so Matt has developed what we believe is the best logistics model in the industry.  In addition to not roasting until you order, we don't roast until you ask for it.  Each order can be scheduled for the day that you'd like.  We will roast the day you request and then ship it from our Roastery in Chandler Arizona anywhere in the United States using USPS Priority that day.  USPS priority offers 2-3 day shipping and this works perfectly with fresh-roasted coffee.  A little-known fact is that coffee needs 48-72hrs to degas before the beans have reached their optimal flavor profile.  So in most cases, you will receive this coffee the day it is at its best.  Pair this policy with a low $30 free shipping threshold and you have what we believe is the best in coffee logistics.