Our New Sticker Program Can Get You Free Coffee

Our Sticker Promo Has Come to an End | Exp. 3/30/21

Last May, we announced our first-ever Sticker Promotional. When customers collected all 5 stickers included with the orders, a $50 gift card was rewarded. In the duration of the promo, we have gifted $1,000 in gift cards! It was not an easy feat to collect all 5 stickers and we are so thankful for the support and loyalty of our customers. Unfortunately, the promo has come to an end. Since this promo was such a success, we may do something like it again in the future!

Coffee Sticker Promo 5 sticker social media photos

Here at Sagebrush, there’s a new way to earn free coffee, and it’s through our brand-new sticker collection program! As some of you may already know, we include a complimentary Sagebrush sticker with every purchase, allowing you guys to flex your Sagebrush loyalty, but this sticker has been the same old same old for a while now. So, we’ve decided to spice things up a bit.

We’ve designed five brand new stickers, each completely unique from one another, that will be included free of charge with any Sagebrush Coffee purchase (as usual). The stickers are a collection of a few cute doodles representing what Sagebrush is all about. From coffee cravings to cute dogs, these stickers are sure to make fun additions to your sticker collection.

Now there’s a little bit of an incentive with these guys: if you collect all five of our new stickers, you earn eligibility towards a $50 gift card to Sagebrush! No fine print*, no catches, all you have to do is get ahold of all five stickers. Seems easy enough (especially if you’re already a regular) right? The stickers will be sent out at random in the envelopes that are included in every order.

If you win, all you need to do is post a photo of all five stickers on social media and tag us @SagebrushCoffee. Also, make sure to email us that photo at stickers@sagebrushcoffee.com and we’ll go through the verification process (just to make sure you aren’t fibbing) and we’ll provide you the $50 gift card code that you’ve earned!

We’re running this rewards program until we run out of stickers, which we have estimated will be until around the end of 2020, so you have plenty of time to get ahold of all five. Have a wonderful rest of your day and happy collecting!


* OK, some fine print:
  • One gift card per household
  • We'll verify the purchases
  • We're shipping the stickers randomly, so we're sorry if you get duplicates of a few and none of one.
  • One sticker has 1/4 the total amount of the other 4, we did this so we aren't giving away a ton of free coffee, but there are plenty to have a good number of winners.
  • You must post an image of all 5 stickers on social media to receive the $50 gift card (this is a promotion, so we want the Sagebrush promoted ;).
  • This isn't a contest, it's a loyalty coupon so there is a purchase necessary, we will not ship stickers separately