New Shop Update #2

As we finish up the third week of our new shop’s buildout, things are going very smoothly. Nearly all of the plumbing, electrical work, painting, and flooring has been installed and is prepared for us. These next couple weeks, by the looks of our extensive list of things that need to get done, is going to be quite busy, but it’s nothing we can’t handle. Various installations still need to take place before we can fully begin moving operations over to this new space. Gas, security installation, etc, as well as a city approval needed that requires us to move our roasters back and forth between our current space and this new space are still on deck for us. And then after all of that, we still need to set up a ridiculous number of workstations, shelves, and tables, but by the time we update you guys again, we hope to be nearly completely moved in. This season has been so great for us here at Sagebrush, and we are beyond excited to continue moving forward. Again, we must thank all of you guys who have supported us throughout these past 8 years. The ultimate vision of Sagebrush Coffee is nearly in full fruition and it’s just unbelievable. On behalf of everyone here at Sagebrush, thank you.

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