Matt's Thanksgiving Letter 2020

I’m sitting in my home office this Thanksgiving morning knowing that I committed to writing an email to all of you, but I’m not sure what to say.  Several months ago, I wrote a blog listing out everything that I’m thankful for during this very weird year when it seems like the first impulse is to complain.  It is funny how time this year has worked.  That letter was written in June. At that time, it seemed like we were on the tail end of a strange season.  However, the last 5 months have only surprised us more. Besides the ups and downs of the world outside of our immediate view, we have had some great times and some of the lowest times of our lives this past year. 

If you’ve been keeping up with my blogs, you probably have seen this business's progression play out.  Sagebrush started on a little countertop coffee roaster with me thinking it could pay for my coffee habit.  It quickly turned into a potential family vacation, then maybe a college fund, then potential for my full time job. Fast forward 8 years and Sagebrush has grown well beyond anything we could've imagined, and we are now at the point where we have the ability to support multiple families with this business.

As we moved into our new location this last month, I couldn't help but marvel at how this business has grown. I was talking to Jonathan the other day, that I am working my dream job and don’t even think of it as work. I get excited every day that I can just sit down and try to find the best coffees I can get my hands on, and having the opportunity to take those coffees and put their flavors on display in the best way possible is awesome.  Moving in has significantly boosted our roasting capacity, and this past week as I've built profiles and worked to get the coffee on the new roaster to come out even better than our old ones, it took me back to the early days of this business when I was learning how to roast coffee. I love that process and could not be more thankful for the opportunity to do this for a living.  Thank you all for your support of Sagebrush and giving us the chance to do what we love.

This has also been the most difficult few months.  As I wrote about a month ago, the sudden and tragic loss of my 5 year old nephew made October a blur.  Last night we enjoyed an early Thanksgiving dinner with my brother and his family and had a sweet time together.  After dinner we continued a tradition of sharing what we were thankful for.  The overwhelming majority of the people sitting at that table were thankful for each other.  It was such a sweet reminder that in a year where unity & love for others seems to be a fictional idea, it isn’t.  The overwhelming commands from the Bible are to love God and love others.  In good times and bad times those are strangely easy commands to forget.  I’m not sure why, but it is so much easier for me to focus on myself and that is a trap that never produces good fruit.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving this afternoon with Jenna’s side of the family, we will not forget the to be thankful for those we’re celebrating with. We hope you all do too!

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Sagebrush