Let us Introduce you to Peter Kersting & Alone with Peter

Peter instantly became a favorite of everyone at Sagebrush the moment he walked into our coffee shop to buy a pour over of coffee.  I immediately wanted to hire him, but wasn't sure the best role to put him in.  Over the course of several months we decided he would be perfect to help us build the wholesale program.  He has been great for Sagebrush and we're excited to see what God does for and through him in Japan.  Check out the post below to learn more about our friend Peter.

Introduction to Peter Kersting and Peter Kersting Productions

From the instagrammable coffee of East Asia to the classic cafes of Western Europe, I’ve been lucky to try a lot of coffee in a wide and wild array of places. 

When I met Matt, it was a love of good coffee that we bonded over. As we began to talk more it was obvious to me that good coffee wasn’t all that we had in common. Matt prioritizes people in everything he does. He’s constantly seeking the betterment of his staff, himself, and the world. 

It’s this core tenant of Sagebrush that led me to work for Matt and what has made it such a joy to be part of. Meeting Matt and working for Sagebrush made me realize that coffee, as a business, is all about relationships. 

Perhaps that sounds silly and sappy to say, but it’s true. Coffee is something that transcends boarders and cultures. It unifies us, slows us down, and forces us to appreciate the small things in a world that is fast, frenetic, and all too often unfriendly. 

It’s been an honor to work with the staff of Sagebrush Coffee Roastery as the local relations manager. While I’m sad to move on I know that goodbye is not forever and that this is just the beginning of a beautiful relationship.  

I’m floored that I got a chance to continue my coffee journey with Sagebrush by bringing a truly great cup of coffee to the people of the East Valley and now, by partnering for this season of my podcast, Alone with Peter.

I’m a voice actor and a podcaster by trade. As I continue to elevate my business, I’ll be moving to Japan with my wife to teach English as a foreign language. I’d be honored if you follow along with our journey whether that be through the podcast, a request for voice over services, or simply sharing in our adventures in Japan.

What is the Alone with Peter podcast?

Welcome to Alone with Peter, I'm your host, and on this podcast, you're going to hear interviews with entrepreneurs, artists, digital nomads, and people seeking personal growth. We'll dive deep into what set them on their journey where they are now and how their story can impact you, including any helpful insights if you aspire to take a similar leap of faith. No matter where you are on your journey. Thank you for spending some quality time Alone with Peter. 

Season 2, Episode 21 Spreading Happiness: The Origin Story of John’s Crazy Socks

Today on Alone with Peter, I am joined by two very special guests, John and Mark Cronin of John’s crazy socks. John and his dad, Mark Cronin are the co-founders of John’s crazy socks, a social enterprise with a mission to spread happiness.

John’s Crazy Socks was inspired by John Lee Cronin, a young man with Down syndrome, and a wacky fashion sense.

In five years, they bootstrapped their business into the world’s largest sock store with multimillion-dollar sales in 88 different nations. John and Mark remain fierce advocates for the rights of the differently-abled with more than half of their employees having differing abilities. They’ve been able to raise over $475,000 for charity partners like the Special Olympics, the National Down Syndrome Society, and the Autism Society of America. And they’ve used their platform to instigate change in legislature, testifying twice before US Congress, speaking at the United Nations, and recording two TEDx talks.

I’m so excited to have these two on Alone with Peter today for part 1 of this three-part interview where we discuss their origin story and entrepreneurial journey.

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