A Perfect Update to the Two Favorites Gold Label Bundle!

We have a ton of coffees on our site, and as great as that is, it can sometimes be overwhelming. For this reason, we have the "Two Favorites Gold Label" bundle. Not only do we offer a better bang for your buck by discounting our bundles, but we also make the hard decision for you.

Our two current favorites are Nicaragua Dry Process Javanica and Ethiopia Tafachi Limu Faysel. The Nicaraguan coffee is one of our esteemed gold labels, and the flavors are bold with a smooth body. Roasted dark, the combination of dark chocolate and nuts make the perfect balanced sweetness. The Ethiopia Tafachi complements our Nicaraguan with its rich mouthfeel and bright finish. The sweet, creaminess of caramel and the juiciness of peaches awaken my palette with every sip.