2021 Holiday Roasting & Shipping Schedule

The Christmas Season Is Almost Over

First off, I cannot thank you enough for thinking of Sagebrush Coffee this holiday season.  We're working like crazy to get all of this coffee out and we couldn't be more thankful.  I remember last Christmas season we were so thankful to have the new location and honestly it was a weird year.  We were busy, but not as busy as we were during the beginning of the COVID lockdowns.  This year overall has been a weird one.  We're doing great as a business but have built out the capacity to do so much more.  So here's your chance.  We have the ability, we have the coffee and FedEx & UPS are hitting their commitments.  You basically have this weekend to order those last-minute Christmas gifts and we'll take care of you.

Tuesday 12/22 UPS / FedEx Priority Suggested
Wednesday 12/23 Probably Too Late Unless You Live in AZ

But what do we think?

I may be naive, but I have some optimism for the carriers in that final week.  Last year we had 99.5% of our shipments get to the customer in time for Christmas.  They understand the Christmas deadline and seem to make it work that last week.

So we're recommending that if you order before 12/22, you'll be OK.

All of this said, don't wait.  We really don't know what to expect and do not guarantee any of these dates.  The only thing that I can control and do guarantee is that we'll ship it the day after you order it (many times the same day).  So order now and we'll get it in the mail as fast as possible.